Wine lovers

Written By - Sasha Sasha

Who doesn’t enjoy having a glass of wine with friends after work or going on a date? And what’s more romantic than drinking wine, right?

Wine is the most delicious, stimulating, varied, and maddeningly complicated drink in the world. It cheers you up, makes your friends seem friendlier, and tastes great with food but what do you really know about wine?

A fact: You can and should pare White wines with any type of food, including, pasta, read meat or pizza. White wines are much easier to pared with food than red ones.

Need to chill your wine?

Here are 3 easy ways:

The simplest way to chill it is to put it in the fridge for a few hours.
Don’t have time to wait? Put it in the freezer for an hour.
Don’t have any of the options above? Get a bucket with water and ice, the key here is the water!

How to taste wine with proper etiquette.

Step 1. Look at the wine.
Step 2. Smell the wine.
Step 3. Take a mouthful.

Friendly white Wines

Pinot Blanc
Alto Adige Friuli whites
Falanghina from near Naples
New Zeland Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay
Riesling from Washington State
Friendly Read Wines
New Zealand Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir from Australia’s Mornington Peninsula
California Zinfandel
Oregon Pinot Noir
Spanish Garnacha
Douro reds
Chianti Classico
Carignano del Sulcis from Sardinia

A few Common Wines Myths

  • The most expensive the bottle, the better the wine.
  • The heavier the bottle, the better the wine.
  • You must choose to drink Red Wine with meat and White Wines with fish.
  • Really good wines come in a bottle with an indentation in the base.
  • Red is stronger them white.
  • All wine improves with age.
  • Pink wine and sweet wine are for women.
  • All Wines is improved by breathing between opening and pouring.
  • You’re giving a taste of the Wine you’ve ordered in a restaurant to see you whether like it or not.