Please introduce yourself if you are new!

Remember since I have never met you before, I can’t guess what your likes and dislikes are. So if you are a new friend, please complete my screening form. If you don’t hear back from me, it’s probably because you did not fill it out appropriately. I always prioritize the forms that are fully filled out.

Personal Boundaries

Please respect them. Be respectful of my time and space, speaking or acting disrespectfully will end the session and no refund will be provided!

Pictures and videos?

I make your privacy my top priority, and I ask you to do the same. Please DO NOT ask for me during our time to take pictures or videos – none are allowed. I know some of you would like to have a video or image to remember our time together, but that’s not an option and shouldn’t be asked at all.

Turn offs!

My rates are non-negotiable and any attempt to ask for a discount or barter will result in us never meeting and communication to cease.
his is my biggest turn off. Please do not ask me out for dinner, lunch, to hang out, etc., or any form of “off the clock” time without compensation. I offer dates of various varieties so we can enjoy as much as possible together.

No refunds!

If you show up to our date wasted or extremely high, then our date will be canceled and no refund will be provided. If in the middle of our date you choose to be disrespectful, then our date will be over. You will then be asked to leave and a refund will not be provided.

Gentlemen that are hosting?

Please remember since I’m coming to your place, you become the host. I will take your lead and spend our time together in the way you direct me.
If you wish to offer me something to drink I would appreciate it. However, please leave the bottle unopened until I arrive and open it only in front of me.
Also please be fresh, or feel free to fresh up once I arrive. Good hygiene habits as shower and brush teeth are always appreciated and make out time more enjoyable.

Running late?

If you are running late, please as courtesy contact me and provide me an ETA. I may have another appointment after yours that may have to leave depending how late you are running.

Canceling an appointment?

Life happens to all of us right? And I understand that unexpected circumstances sometimes can change plans. So If you must cancel, please do it ASAP.

Cancellation within less than 24 hours – 100% will be retained.
Cancellation within more than 24 hours – 50% will be retained.
Canceling and Rescheduling multiple times – Fully prepaid in advance and ZERO refund! 100% will be retained.