Cuddles πŸ€—

Written By - Sasha Sasha



The meaning behind a hug is comfort.


Hugging originated in Scandinavia about 450 years ago.


Cuddling brings emotions and feelings to your body.

Many people don’t know but cuddling is considered a therapeutic method nowadays.


There are many reasons why we hug and many types of hugs.


Hug is a way to connect with people. It releases the cuddle hormone, which promotes feelings of devotion, trust, and bounding.

A hug reduces feelings of social exclusion. It allows you to express affection, warmth, and friendliness.

A hug can help you overcome numerous personal difficulties.

Just a few second hug reduces the harmful physical effects of stress.


Ideally a human needs at minimum 8 hugs a day, but our society is moving away from touch and hugs are being edged out our lives.


Ask yourself when did you last hug someone?


Here are a few types of hugs.


You should be aware of the message you are sending across while hugging.


1 – Bear Hug: It’s tight, involves deep feelings, shows how close two people are.


2 – Polite Hug: Most shared at meetings, events, between colleagues; it’s given as a courtesy.


3 – One-way Hug: The unwanted hug; it’s the most awkward hug, where someone doesn’t lift their arm to hug you back.


4 – Flirting Hug: Body together, deep eye contact; it’s seductive, adventurous, expresses deep feelings for each other; it’s a perfect symbol of embracing of love.


5 – Buddy Hug: Sideway hug, arms around one’s shoulders or waist; it’s friendly, comfortable, polite, warm, makes both feel good in a friendzone.


6 – Back Hug: It’s a hug that surprises you, shows trust, caring, protection, and love. This hug leads you to a bear hug.


7 – Sleep Hug: This one it is so sweet, person leans next to you and wraps their arms around you, and you embrace by rubbing back and stroking hair softly.


Our society is moving away from touch. Don’t be one more out there. Go out and share a hug.